Children’s Self Defense & Anti-Bullying

Give your children a fun and disciplined learning environment where they will learn practical self defense & anti-bully techniques. American Jiu Jitsu teaches focus, discipline and goal setting; and promotes healthy self esteem and a positive attitude.

Unlike other martial arts studios, American Jiu Jitsu does not encourage a competitive environment. The techniques we teach are meant for actual self-defense scenarios and should only be used when someone is trying to hurt us. We spend a lot of time teaching this philosophy to the children while molding responsible and mature young men and women. Children are acknowledged for their hard work and focus during class, at belt promotions, and at our annual Awards Brunch in front of their families and friends.

Renshi only teaches one type of child – THE BEST!
At American Jiu Jitsu, we help our children understand they are THE BEST, and no bully or attacker can ever make them feel otherwise! As a parent, I know how proud you will be when your child says “I’M THE BEST!” emphatically and with conviction in front of a class!



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