• Anti-Bullying/Self-Defense

    Jiu Jitsu teaches students how to defend without kicking and punching and without being bullies themselves.
    We help our students understand how precious and valuable they are and how important it is to respect themselves and others.


    Practical situation-based self-defense for women and men.
    You don’t need to be young or flexible to keep improving.

  • Tai Chi Basics

    Tai Chi Chuan helps reduce stress, improve health, and teach self-defense through low-impact movement

  • Kids Acro and Tumbling

    Kids learn to FLIP, TUMBLE, and ROLL in a fun and safe environment. Personalized attention to help your child fulfill their acrobatic dreams.

Anti-Bullying / Self-Defense

Give your children a fun and disciplined learning environment where they will learn practical self defense and anti-bully techniques while developing healthy self esteem and a positive attitude.

Adults Self-Defense

American Jiu Jitsu teaches how to properly defend from any attack or grab. From locks and holds, to chokes and submissions, learn to regain control of any situation regardless of your own size or strength.

Women Self-Defense

American Jiu Jitsu will give you the knowledge and confidence to know you can defend yourself if ever in such a terrible position. We teach effective techniques based on physics and anatomy with little to no kicking and punching.

Law Enforcement

American Jiu Jitsu has taught Dept. of Homeland Security, US Army Officers, Treasury Dept, NYPD and more. Officers prefer AJJ because it doesn't rely on strikes to effectively submit and restrain a perpetrator. Inquire about seminars for your department.

$25 Back to School Special

1 Month Unlimited Kids Classes Not sure what Jiu Jitsu is?? Been...

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Spring Acro Still Space Available!!

Spring Acro Registration… Sign Up Now!  More flipping and cartwheels for you! These...

08th Dec

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

20+ Women learned life saving techniques at the Women’s Self Defense Seminar....

15th Jul

Schedule of Classes

Tuesday/Thursdays: K – 2nd Grade  6:30pm-7:15pm 3rd – 5th Grade  ,  6th...

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